Zero Waste Solid lotions for beautiful and soft skin

Our offer includes a new product for the whole family - lotion bar for body and lips. 

Lotion bar nourishes and moisturizes dry skin and helps heal abrasions, blisters and wounds. 

100% natural product. Natural butters, oils, vegetable macerates and beeswax are added to it. 

How to use it? Take the heart in clean hands, spread a little on the skin and then with the fingers of the other hand, massage it further on the skin of the body. After application, the skin feels like a light, thin protective film that is long-lasting, but does not leave stains anywhere.

This product can be applied to all parts of the body - hands, lips, face, elbows and heels. The beeswax and plant macerates in its composition help to speed  up the healing process in case of an abrasion, blister or deeper wound.

The heart can be used by the whole family. It is practical and lasts a long time. Available in an aluminum container, with two aromas - geranium and lavender.

Take a look and buy it in the "Body & face" section of our store  .

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