Natural shaving soaps for dry skin

With the growing interest in a healthy lifestyle, natural shaving soaps are becoming increasingly popular these days. 

If earlier they were advertised for men, now they are also becoming popular among women. 

One of the reasons for the demand is the increase in complaints about skin sensitivity, dryness and other symptoms - itching, redness, burning and stinging. Skin sensitivity and its symptoms are major skin care concerns among consumers worldwide. In the period from 2001 to 2017, the number of women's complaints or cases in the Western world has increased by 50% and this trend continues to increase.

What is the difference between natural and conventional shaving soap? Natural shaving soaps differ from conventional ones (traditionally bought in stores) in that they are economical (cheaper), environmentally friendly and, above all, skin-friendly. Briefly about each of them.

Contains natural raw materials

Traditional shaving products (gels, foams, etc.) contain many chemical and toxic ingredients, including synthetic fragrances, sulfates, triethanolamine (foaming substance that disrupts hormonal activity). This is a serious reason to look for products containing more natural raw materials, for example, from natural oils (e.g. Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, etc.) and butters (e.g. Cocoa butter, Shea butter), skin and hair moisturizing, softening, nourishing (e.g. Panthenol, proteins, vitamin E) and skin-soothing (e.g. plant extracts) ingredients.

Does not harm the environment

Traditional shaving products contain chemicals that are washed off with water after shaving and end up in the sewers, thus creating risks of environmental pollution, entering water bodies, groundwater, etc. They also require larger packaging, which is also mostly not environmentally friendly. Natural shaving soap, on the other hand, is a small bar of soap that lasts a long time and doesn't require a lot of packaging, so it creates less waste accordingly.

Better for your skin

Natural shaving soaps do not contain skin-irritating ingredients (unlike traditional gels), so the shaving process is skin-friendly and harmless. Natural ingredients soften both skin and hair, making the shaving process non-traumatic and easy. In addition, there are also natural shaving soaps available on the market, which contain skin moisturizing, softening and nourishing substances (eg panthenol), so the skin is soft after shaving and does not require a special cream.

Various shaving soaps are available on the market – foaming and non-foaming, with and without alkali, with different essential oils (different tastes). All you have to do is familiarize yourself with their composition and choose the most comfortable and suitable for your skin type.

Brand MARUSHA Shaving soap for sensitive skin is a non-foaming soap, therefore it is very gentle on the skin and only one tool is needed for its use - a razor with a razor blade. They contain skin-softening, moisturizing and nourishing substances (Grape seed oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Panthenol, Vitamin E), so the skin does not require cream after use, it is soft and nourished. Natural Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils are added to the soap, which refreshes and invigorates.

MARUSHA Shaving Soap Reviews

How to use Marusha Shaving soap for dry skin? 

Heat the soap under running warm water until it becomes slippery. Then apply them to wet hair until you feel that the hair is covered with a light layer of soap. Keep a little soap on the hairs until the hairs become soft. Then shave the hairs with a razor, rinse the skin with clean water and dry with a towel. Then enjoy soft, youthful skin.

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