MARUSHA natural Juniper soap for body and face

To diversify your skin care ritual, we have created two types of natural juniper soap bars for you - pure Juniper soap and Lavender & tea tree & activated charcoal soap with natural, locally harvested juniper berries in Latvia. 

Both soaps are suitable for washing the body, hands and face. 

Juniper berries are added to both soaps and they are collected and dried in Latvia. Juniper berries gently exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt. Essential oils - Juniper, Lavender, Tea tree are also added to the natural scent. They allow you to feel the fresh aroma of the coniferous forest, give lightness to the mind and inner peace.

The soap contains various oils (olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil) that moisturize and soften the skin. They also contain natural butters - Cocoa butter and Shea butter, which richly nourish the skin. 

The soap is 100% natural and also suitable for vegans. No synthetic additives, dyes, parabens have been added to them. 

In order for the soap to last longer, it is important to use it correctly - after each use, place it on a soap dish where the excess water drains, thus allowing it to dry.

You can buy both types of Juniper soap in our website.

Marusha juniper natural organic soap
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