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In April and May, Medicine.lv in cooperation with brand "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic" offered to test Hair Spray - Tonic for protection, moisturize, volume and shine with Rosemary, Keratin, Proteins, Silk and Green Tea.

Reviews of MARUSHA Hair Spray

Helen, 44 years old

I have long and thick hair, so it takes a lot of effort and enough money to take care of it. If I still manage to wash my hair perfectly, then the craziness starts when the hair is dry and it has to be "collected" together - the little hairs go in different directions, the ends fluff up and behave as they like. In short, they take too much time to style.

MARUSHA hair tonic with rosemary for moisturizing, restoring and protecting hair against heat is in a small, easy-to-use bottle with a sprayer, the product is convenient for daily use and to take with you. The light and pleasant aroma of rosemary remains in the hair for a long time and can be felt from time to time.

MARUSHA  hair tonic made combing and styling my hair much easier and moisturized and restored it well. Therefore, I definitely recommend that you try to use this product on a daily basis to protect your hair from harmful effects and improve the appearance of your hair.

Lelde, 33 years old

After the winter season, my hair was dry and dull, prone to breakage and generally looked unhealthy. While looking for a suitable product to restore and strengthen them, I came across an offer to test MARUSHA hair tonic with rosemary. In addition to restoring, it also promised to protect against heat, and since I regularly use hot tools to style my hair on a daily basis, this feature of the product would also come in handy. 

MARUSHA hair tonic is in a small bottle that can be easily taken with you when you go on a trip, for example. The product is in the form of a spray, it has a light, natural aroma, reminiscent of medicinal plants and flowers of summer meadows. The tonic has a light consistency that evenly covers the hair without creating a greasy, oily effect.

I have been using the product for about a month, according to the instructions - no more than twice a week - and during this time the condition of my hair has improved significantly. Already after the first use, the hair was silkier, easier to comb, less tangled.

After regular use for a month, they break less often, have become easier to shape, brighter and healthier. I will definitely continue to use this tonic in the summer season as well. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover a new product that is perfect for me!

Solvita, 35 years old

I wanted to try MARUSHA hair spray with the idea that it would help me improve the health of my scalp a little, because sometimes I feel like my head itches in places, and also to improve the condition of my hair.

Considering I have long hair, the bottle packaging seemed a bit small, as I sprayed this spray both on my scalp before washing my hair and in my hair after applying the bag for better effect.

Using the MARUSHA Hair spray was really convenient - sprays and that's it. However, the smell of the product seemed very specific to me personally, and it also disturbed the people around me a bit (my husband didn't like it). On the other hand, the consistency of the spray is really good, neither too thick nor too liquid.

The observed effect - with long-term use, I admit that I could say more, but after washing my hair, it was fresh and clean and even a little thicker than usual.

Daiga, 36 years old

Thanks to Medicine.lv, I discovered a new hair care product for myself - a natural hair tonic with rosemary, keratin and silk proteins, created by our local manufacturer "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic".

MARUSHA hair tonic with rosemary is designed to moisturize, restore and protect hair against heat and UV radiation. The hair tonic has a unique and natural composition - vegetable keratin, silk proteins, panthenol, rosemary, aloe, green tea, chamomile, etc. c. – in my opinion, a wonderful bouquet for hair health!

I have medium length colored fine textured hair that tends to split and frizz and is not shiny and smooth. In addition, in the spring season, hair begins to fall out more. I tried medicated hair care products, but the improvement was not too pronounced. I wash my hair 3 to 4 times a week and then blow dry and style, so the hair serum that protects from the heat while blow drying has been very helpful.

MARUSHA hair tonic has a simple, neat design, like a natural product - with a pleasant green tone with white flowers. It is packed in a small glass bottle with a quality spray for spraying. Tonic is a transparent liquid, if you shake it gently before use, all the sediments disappear immediately and it becomes clear.

I sprayed hairspray into wet hair and ends after washing, massaged in lightly and then dried and styled with a blow dryer. MARUSHA hair tonic has a refreshing rosemary aroma. It is very pleasant because it is light and natural.

As recommended, I use the tonic 2 times a week. The use is very convenient and simple and I can take the small bottle with me when I go on trips. After the first use, the hair became smoother, easier to comb, even a little thicker and fuller after styling.

After a month, the results are already obvious. Hair loss has noticeably reduced and there are no more split ends and frizzy hair. They have renewed, become stronger, thicker, smoother, shinier. After blow-drying and styling, the hairstyle is more beautiful because the hair has regained its vibrancy and shine.

I am very satisfied with the results, because I have regained the health of my hair with natural means. I will definitely continue to use the MARUSHA hair tonic with rosemary. Sincere thanks to "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic"!

Justine, 34 years old

I blow dry my hair about twice a week and straighten it almost every day, and as a result my hair has become somewhat frizzy both at the roots and throughout. I had not used hair protection products against heat before, but after reading the description of MARUSHA hair tonic, I realized that it is worth trying and evaluating its effect.

It took some getting used to the specific smell of the tonic, but since it is a natural product, the smell is understandable and acceptable. I use the hair spray, as recommended, no more than twice a week - before drying and straightening the hair afterwards.

I noticed the effect immediately - my hair was no longer so frizzy, it became easier to comb and style, as well as more shiny. There was a kind of lighter feeling on the head. I will definitely continue to use this product to evaluate its effect over a longer period of time! Thank you very much!

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