Test results: MARUSHA Facial oil for facial cleansing and massage

In September and October, Medicine.lv in cooperation with brand "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic" offered to test Marusha Facial cleansing and massage oil.

Reviews and Test results of MARUSHA Facial cleansing and massage oil with Rice, Oat and Jojoba oils.

 Ieva, 45 years old

Thanks to the portal Medicine.lv, I discovered a new face care product for myself - MARUSHA oil for facial cleansing and massage, which was created in Latvia. It is a 100% natural and 100% hypoallergenic product with no preservatives and no parabens. I'm glad that I was able to get the MARUSHA Facial Cleansing Oil for testing because I really wanted to try a natural facial cleanser.

I use decorative cosmetics and the previously used products used to cause redness, when cleaning the cosmetics around the eyes, there was a burning sensation. I have dry, sensitive facial skin, I also have redness, which I cover with foundation. There are also fine lines and an uneven complexion, as well as fine pigmentation spots.

MARUSHA oil contains rice and oat oils, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, calendula oil, castor oil, vitamin E and grapefruit essential oil - in my opinion it is a wonderful, cleansing, healing and rejuvenating composition of oils. MARUSHA oil has a simple but tasteful design in sunny tones with marigold flowers, in line with natural cosmetics.

The golden oil is packed in a transparent glass bottle with a plastic dispenser, which is convenient for use. 30 ml of oil is enough for a month. I use the oil every night to remove make-up and also in the morning to cleanse my face. I used a lightly moistened cotton pad, on which I put 3-5 drops of golden oil. With gentle, circular movements, I cleaned the skin of the face and neck, the skin around the eyes and the skin in the décolleté area. It really managed to clean all dirt and decorative cosmetics very effectively and gently!

The oil has a light texture, is gentle and absorbs very well without leaving an oily residue. The scent is natural, light, with a noticeable aroma of grapefruit and a little chamomile, a very pleasant and soothing bouquet of aromas. After cleansing, I massaged a few more drops of oil into the skin, making a light massage. After using the oil, the skin is effectively cleansed, moisturized, soft and shiny. In the evenings, after cleansing, I didn't even use my daily face cream because the oil felt so good and I wanted my skin to rest. In the morning, after cleansing with oil, I apply my face cream.

Thanks to MARUSHA oil, the skin is no longer dry and sensitive, small wrinkles have started to smooth out. The skin is well moisturized and nourished, the complexion has also improved, the skin has become smoother, more lively, more radiant. The fine pigmentation spots have also become a little lighter and in general get a healthy appearance of the facial skin. The pleasant massage with oil has certainly also benefited.

I am very happy with the results and happy to have found a wonderful, natural and healing facial cleanser. Sincere thanks to the brand MARUSHA!


Katrina, 43 years old

I had never heard of "Marusha Nord Ecosmetic" cosmetics before. Looking at the company's website, I was fascinated by the wide range of cosmetic products, especially oils, and they are all eco-products and produced in Latvia. With great interest and joy, I applied for the oil test - facial cleansing and massage. I started using the product on the first day of receiving it.

The bottle is neatly designed, attractive, small and convenient to take with you on a daily basis, as well as on trips, but the content is saturated, rich and sufficient for a longer period of use. The product is sprayable, easy to dose. But speaking of the consistency, you need a very small amount of product to apply on the skin of the face (but at least after removing the eye make-up).

When applying the oil on the face, it spreads easily on the face, and when massaged, it emits a warm, slightly sweet aroma, quickly absorbs, moisturizes and smoothes the skin.

At first, I tried to wipe the remaining oil with a cotton pad along with the remnants of makeup and dust, but soon I realized that this oil creates such a layer of comfort that I started using it differently.

Before using the oil, I washed my face with home-made rice infusion water and immediately after that I used "Marusha" oil for massages (I use a specially purchased facial skin massage device that heats and also introduces the product into the deeper layers of the skin with a vibrating movement, thereby increasing massages effect and effect of the product) and the moisturizing element on clean skin, without wiping anything, but leaving it as a base (instead of a serum), after which I use a night cream.

I use the oil only in the evening. In my opinion, it had a therapeutic effect, because the problem of dry facial skin disappeared within 2 weeks, and the face looked visually fresher and smoother from the very morning. Swelling and redness, which is very characteristic of my skin type during the autumn season, subsided.

Interestingly, this oil contains not only oat, sea buckthorn, calendula, jojoba, grapefruit essential oil and castor oil, which are more often found in the content of eco products, but also rice oil.

As I have recently been following various face and body care methods at home on social networks, I had tried the advice of washing the face in settled water of soaked white rice with a few drops of vitamin E added.

I really liked this cosmetic procedure and even more - the after-feeling, when the facial skin became smoother, the pores were smoothed, as well as the pigmentation on the face, which had brightened after the summer sun bathing in the eye area, was whitened.

Knowing that the "Marusha" oil contains the medicinal presence of rice, as well as vitamin E, I was very happy that the facial skin was being pampered twice. Now I have discovered many new, unseen products and bought other interesting oils - for nails with calendula, hair with rosemary, as well as intriguing shaving soap with panthenol, face serum with Q10 and natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums in a particularly interesting package - a metal box.

Thanks to "Marusha" and Medicine.lv for new knowledge and experience!

Erika, 46 years old

I take care of my face every day, take care of it thoughtfully, carefully and carefully. As the cold period approaches, I occasionally look for new, good and rich facial care products. I try to use products made by local producers that have a relatively short shelf life, and even better if it is handmade.

On the medicine.lv portal, I noticed an opportunity to try and test MARUSHA oil for facial cleansing and massage. Important factors for the choice were that it is a local, Latvian product and handmade, as well as that it contains 100% natural and 100% hypoallergenic ingredients, without dyes, fragrances and parabens. It is a pure, genuine and natural local product!

MARUSHA oil has a beautiful design and simple packaging. I have bought similar face oils often and mostly they have a pipette at the end for dosed use. Usually, when you drip, you either end up with too many drops, or some part accidentally gets on your clothes. However, this product comes with a spray dispenser which I find very handy and convenient. In any case, I like it much better than the pipettes of similar products.

The oil itself has a light golden color, with a pleasant smell. I tried the product in two ways, both as an oil for cleansing the face and as an additional enriching additive to a daily cream. I cleaned my face, then put a few drops of water and then oil on a cotton pad. I washed my face with this oil-water mixture and my skin instantly felt clean and nourished. I liked both the process of using the oil and the result. I will definitely use this cleaning method now and then!

In order for the face to be more richly nourished in the autumn-winter period, I often add a drop of oil to the daily cream. Then usually the skin feels like a "warm coat". I did the same this time - I added one dose of oil, which is about 4 drops, to the existing cream in the palm of my hand, and mixed both ingredients together with my fingers. The consistency of the cream became even softer and it smelled differently.

I apply this mixture on the skin and massage it thoroughly in circular motions into the skin. Nice feeling! The rich texture provides a good cosmetic effect, the skin remains richer and more radiant. So I will continue to use this MARUSHA oil for facial cleansing and massage and recommend others to at least give it a try!

Juta, 32 years old

I applied to test the brand MARUSHA oil for facial cleansing and massage, because I have been looking for a product for a long time that could provide a full-fledged cleansing, while having a beneficial effect on the skin.

Recently, after using the usual skin care products, there was a feeling that the cosmetics used during the day were not properly removed, the pores were blocked, after the products for removing waterproof cosmetics, the skin seemed to be dry and rough. I wanted to find a product that is both effective and gentle.

MARUSHA facial oil comes in a small yellow bottle, very easy to use as there is a dispenser instead of a pipette, which I find much more convenient. The oil is thick enough, but not greasy, in addition, when using the product, it must be diluted with water, as a result of which it spreads easily, absorbs well into the skin and does not feel like a mask. 

The product is 100% natural, which is not insignificant for those who are sensitive to various chemical ingredients. I use the oil once a day - in the evenings, because in the morning it seemed a bit too heavy and there was no need for such a deep cleansing of the facial skin as after the day period. The oil really effectively removes makeup and cleanses. The sensations are pleasant, it seems that the oil not only cleans, but at the same time also nourishes, providing relief and calming the skin.

After use, the skin was not dry and irritated, but pleasantly soft and velvety, it was easy to apply the cream on it, it seems that it also absorbs better and gives a greater effect. I also tried the oil for facial massage and I can only say the best. My first experience with this previously unknown brand turned out to be very successful, I will definitely look at other offers of the assortment. Thanks for letting me try something new!

Karlina, 33 years old

I wanted to try MARUSHA facial cleansing and massage oil, because I had never used face care products in this format before. According to the description, it seemed that this oil is quite universal - it removes makeup, cleanses, softens and moisturizes, soothes. I usually use several facial care products for these purposes, and to be honest, I haven't noticed significant improvements so far, so it was relevant and interesting to try something new for myself.

The oil bottle is very compact, neatly designed and easy to use thanks to the dispenser. I decided to give up using my skin care products while I was using this oil, leaving only the cream to apply after using the oil. I was worried about how the oil would remove my makeup, especially my mascara, which I usually layer for maximum effect.

I was surprised when I realized that the oil copes with it perfectly! I have previously used various special means for removing makeup, among them there were also those with which it was not possible to remove the makeup as quickly and easily as I would like and as promised in the advertisements. It usually took 3-4 cotton pads soaked in the cleansing agent to remove the cosmetics. On the other hand, with MARUSHA oil, the removal of make-up was quick and pleasant, the skin looked much better immediately after using the oil, it was so soft, smooth and velvety, it was pleasant to touch.

Applying the cream afterwards also seemed easier, the cream was absorbed faster. Another advantage - the facial cleansing and care procedure took much less time than usual when using your own care cosmetics.

After using MARUSHA face oil for a month, I can say that I am very satisfied with the result - both with ease of use and the way my skin looks. Its tone has become more even, it has become smoother (less visible pores) and looks healthier and more alive! Thank you very much for this nice experience, I plan to use this oil in the future!

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