Test results: MARUSHA nail and cuticle oil

Medicine.lv results and reviews of the regenerating and nourishing MARUSHA Nail and Cuticle Oil with Tamanu oil.

We are republishing the study of the Medicine.lv portal on the test results and reviews of the regenerating and nourishing Nail and Cuticle Oil with Tamanu oil of the brand MARUSHA.

In July, Medicine.lv in cooperation with "Eurobaltik" Ltd. brand "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic" (MARUSHA) offered to test MARUSHA Nail and Cuticle Oil.

Reviews - MARUSHA Nail and Cuticle Oil

Dace, 32 years old

This year, the global fashion trend for nails is natural, healthy, strong and simply well-groomed nails. You can, of course, paint your nails and express yourself in any way! However, if you paint, preferably a transparent or natural nail polish. In any case, the nails are more bare and visible. Therefore, you should especially take care of the health of the nails and their visual appearance. Different creams and oils have the most direct effect on nail health, but finding a natural and good oil is not so easy.

While searching on various internet sites, I noticed an article on the health portal medicine.lv with the opportunity to test the nail care oil and give feedback on the experience of using it. Applying for the test product - MARUSHA regenerating Nail and cuticle oil - at the Medicine.lv editorial office, I received it the next day. The reception was very easy and at a time and manner convenient for me.

First about the design and the oil itself. The oil comes in a small, dark green bottle. For more convenient use of the oil, the bottle has a small pipette for dripping. Because it is possible to add the amount of oil very dosed - as much as needed. It is very thick in consistency, so it did not run off the surface of the nail excessively.

The composition of the oil appealed to me, it is really very impressive. The oil contains avocado oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil, neem oil, castor oil, lemon essential oil, as well as vitamin E and rosemary extract. They are 100% natural BIO plant oils, which have a good effect so that the nails are well nourished and beautifully groomed, as well as softening the cuticle.

About the testing itself. Since my nails often split and the edges peel off, I put this oil on my nails, massaged it in thoroughly and, if time allowed, left it on for half an hour without doing any unnecessary work with my hands. The oil has a nice, I would even say expensive smell.

This is probably due to the naturalness of the oils and the pure pressure, as it is very thick and rich in consistency. The oil has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, skin softening, nourishing and healing effects of damaged tissues.

After using this oil, already in the first week, I noticed that the skin around the nails became more nourished, the appearance of the nails was much neater and the general appearance of the hands noticeably improved, because after massaging the oil into the nails, I spread the rest of the oil over the entire surface of the hands.

In any case, the testing process gave me great pleasure and obviously good results. I suggest and recommend girls and women who want beautiful and well-groomed nails to try and use MARUSHA regenerating Nail and cuticle oil for a long time!

Zane, 21 years old

To keep my hands and nails well-groomed, healthy and beautiful, I use different oils. Oils have the best effect. A friend noticed that you can test MARUSHA regenerating Nail and cuticle oil on the medicine.lv portal. I chose to try it because its composition is ecologically clean and 100% natural.

MARUSHA Nail oil has a nice thick consistency with a lemony scent. It can be easily applied with the tip and massaged into the nails and cuticles. After long-term use, the nails became naturally beautiful and well-groomed. It's not like other oils, which run off when applied and after a while the skin around the nails is dry again.

This oil does not easily drip from the nails and its effect on the skin and nails is much longer. I really liked this MARUSHA regenerating Nail and cuticle oil, I will buy it in the future and use it constantly, which I recommend to others!

Inta, 49 years old

Hands are our business card. Since I spend a lot of time working in the garden, and my hands are exposed to the influence of adverse factors, my interest was attracted by the offer of www.medicine.lv to test MARUSHA Nail and cuticle oil. The tested product was packaged in a small, dark glass bottle with a convenient pipette for oil application, so it was possible to take the desired amount of oil.

After putting a small amount of the product on the nails and cuticles, I massaged it in with light finger movements, and I did this every night before going to bed. The scent I smelled when using this product was pleasant and unobtrusive. With regular use of this product, the nail cuticle became softer, no longer cracks and the nails have remained stronger. From my experience, if someone has problems with nail strength and cuticle cracking, I recommend buying and using MARUSHA regenerating Nail and cuticle oil.

Maija, 35 years old

Lately, I've been doing manicures and pedicures myself and I like to try something new so that my nails are well-groomed, beautiful and healthy. That's why medicine.lv was very interested in the offer to test MARUSHA Nail and cuticle oil with Tamanu oil. The fact that the nail and cuticle oil is handmade and contains 100% natural vegetable BIO oils was also appealing. In addition, it is created by the brand "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic", about which I have heard positive reviews.

I like natural, healthy nails, so I don't use nail polish. But lately I have not been able to grow longer nails because they have become more brittle and often break. I use hand cream after a manicure, but I have concluded that the cuticles and the skin around the nails soon become dry and flaky, do not look healthy and need to be treated again. I am glad that I managed to participate in this testing process and will be able to share my results.

MARUSHA Nail and cuticle oil comes in a pretty, dark green glass bottle with a dropper for easy use. The design is simple and reflects the healing touch of nature. The volume is small, but I understand that you have to use it drop by drop, and then it will be enough for some time. The golden colored oil has a light consistency. The aroma is natural, bitterly sour, you can feel that rosemary has mixed with lemon, calendula and other oils, and when I got used to this smell, I even liked it.

A couple of drops of oil was enough for both hands, which I gently massaged into the nails and cuticles. The MARUSHA oil absorbed incredibly well and quickly as I massaged my fingers, leaving no greasy residue. It was such a relaxing procedure before sleep. After using the oil, the skin and cuticles were well moisturized, nourished and the nails were shiny.

It was helpful that the oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, because I accidentally got a scratch during the manicure and then usually the next morning the cuticles are painful and tend to be inflamed. But with MARUSHA oil everything was fine. In the morning, nails, skin and cuticles looked healthier.

For the first two weeks, I used MARUSHA oil every night to get better results and improve nail health. After that, I used it every other night, because the improvements were already obvious.

After a month, the nails have become stronger, shinier, they managed to grow back and they have regained a healthier and natural look. Likewise, the skin and cuticles are nourished and softened and look healthy and well-groomed.

I also tried the oil after a pedicure and massaged the nails and cuticles with it. As a result, I got a healthy, natural and well-groomed look; I do this pleasant procedure a couple of times a week.

The results are wonderful, I will definitely continue to use the MARUSHA Nail and cuticle oil. Sincere thanks to the brand "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic"!

Violeta, 33 years old

I carefully monitor the health of my nails and the skin of my hands, so it was urgent for me to try a new product for the health and beauty of my nails. I was also attracted by the fact that MARUSHA oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, because often, when doing a manicure yourself, you injure the cuticles, and then the skin around the nail is sore and inflamed for several days. MARUSHA nail oil, in my opinion, combines everything necessary for nail and cuticle well-being, so I tried it with interest.

The smell of the nail and cuticle oil is pleasant, not too intense, the consistency of the oil is exactly as it should be - it is not too liquid, therefore it does not run, and it absorbs well. One or two drops are enough to treat the fingers of one hand with the oil. After using the oil, the cuticles are moisturized and soft for a long time, and the hands smell nice.

One day, while doing a manicure, I managed to traumatize the cuticle again. I immediately anoint the injured area with oil more abundantly. As a result, I was able to successfully avoid the unpleasant sensations that would normally follow this injury. Also, in general, I really like the effect of MARUSHA oil on the nails, so I am considering using it in the future. Thank you!

Lana, 35 years old

I recently removed the artificial coating on my nails after a long period. The nails looked very weak, all cracked, so I wanted to try the nail oil.

I liked the convenient packaging and the dosing pipette, it makes it very easy to dose the product. The oil does not leave a greasy feeling when applied to the skin and nails, it is quickly absorbed, so there is no need to be afraid of damaging clothes. I use the oil every day in the morning, put it on the coffee machine, so I remembered to use the product every morning.

What I lacked a little - the smell, I needed an invigorating, beautiful aroma, for example, pronounced peppermint, grapefruit. The smell of the oil did not cause any special sensations.

 After several days, I noticed that the nails became smoother and the cracks decreased. It is possible that using nothing would also have such an effect, but I believe that after such a traumatic procedure for the nails as a gel coating, it is necessary to take care of them with cosmetic products, and at that moment nail oil was especially suitable.

Una, 33 years old

I applied to test MARUSHA Nail and cuticle oil, because the skin of my hands, also around the nails, was very dry and cracked for the last month, probably because it was during this period that I had intensively focused on general cleaning of the house and used a series of different cleaning products that dried the skin. In addition, after an unsuccessful manicure, the skin around the nail of one finger was inflamed.

It was swollen, red and very painful. Therefore, the offer to test MARUSHA Nail oil came just in time and I decided to try it, because the description was very intriguing, and I had also heard good reviews about MARUSHA brand products.

I used the nail oil as needed, on average it was two or three times a day. And I must say that the oil was very pleasant to use. Its consistency was neither too runny nor too thick - it absorbed very well and left a pleasant feeling. The oil soothed the inflamed skin immediately.

In addition, long after using the oil, the skin remained moisturized and noticeably nourished - I have also used different oils before, but they did not have such a long-lasting effect and the skin quickly became dry again. I was pleasantly surprised when the next day the inflammation and swelling around the nail had subsided and it was no longer so painful to touch the inflamed area. The inflammation went away in about three to four days, which I don't think would have happened so quickly if I hadn't used the nail oil.

Also, after about a week, the appearance of the skin of the hands also noticeably improved, because I applied the oil not only to the cuticles and nails, but also to the hands. The aroma was a bit lacking - I like that oils have a stronger smell. However, the benefit of using MARUSHA oil was more important than the smell, so I am very happy that I tried this oil. It is very likely that I will continue to use this oil as needed. Thank you!

Vineta, 49 years old

In July, I had the opportunity to try MARUSHA regenerating Nail and cuticle oil. I applied for a product test, because recently my nails had become brittle, increasingly broken, flaky, soft and dull. The cuticles also required additional care - they were extremely dry and very visible, which did not look aesthetically pleasing and caused discomfort.

The oil comes in a small dark glass bottle with a pipette. The design is attractive, it is especially refreshed by the silver elements of the pipette, you can see that the manufacturer thought not only about making the product effective, but also pleasing to the eye.

The use is very simple - thanks to the pipette, it is possible to easily get the required amount of oil and apply it exactly where it is needed. The oil has a thick consistency, which is very convenient - it does not drip, does not flow, but remains where it is applied, as a result of which it is able to effectively act directly on the problem area. The aroma of the oil is light and pleasant, it smells like natural medicinal plants, which reinforces the belief in the biological composition of the product.

I noticed the effect of the oil after a couple of uses - initially I noticed that the cuticles have become softer, are no longer so visually noticeable and are not dry. After two weeks, I noticed that the general condition of the nails also improved, but after using it for a month, I can say that the oil really fulfills its function.

The nails no longer split and look healthier, I am sure that they will grow back stronger, besides, I am especially happy that my main concern has been eliminated - the cuticles are no longer a concern. If you want to take care of beautiful hands, MARUSHA Nail and cuticle oil will be a great helper! Thank you!

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