Test results: MARUSHA Hair growth treatment oil

We are publishing a summary of an article from the Medicine.lv portal about the test results and reviews of the brand MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem Hair growth oil.

In June, Medicine.lv in cooperation with brand "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic" offered to test MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem Hair growth oil. MARUSHA Hair oil is dermatologically tested and in vivo tested - tests results below in picture.

User reviews - brand MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem Hair growth oil.

Madara, 33 years old

I spend a lot of time on hair beauty and care and spend enough money on hair care products. I have medium length, dry hair that starts to get damaged especially in direct sunlight.

I received the MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem hair oil the next day after applying for the tests. The bottle comes in a small, dark brown glass package with an easy-to-use dropper at the end for putting the oil on your fingertips. The oil itself is very thick, yellowish brown in color and smells like mint and rosemary. The smell is warm and very pleasant.

I put about 10 drops on my fingertips and massaged into my scalp. In the same way, I massaged the oil into the ends of my hair. Then I wrapped my hair in a big towel to get a deeper effect and left it on for an hour. After that, I wash my hair as usual, with shampoo and then conditioner. The feeling was completely different! After the first use, the hair was visibly thicker, more nourished and richer. By repeating this for several weeks in a row, the hair did not dry out so quickly after washing. This oil provides a great effect on the scalp and hair ends in the long run. I will definitely buy this MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem hair oil to promote hair growth, nourish the scalp and moisturize the hair ends. I recommend using it if you have a dry scalp and damaged and dry hair ends.

Gunta, 47 years old

MARUSHA Hair oil is packaged in a 30 ml completely dark glass bottle, where its contents are definitely well protected from the effects of light, which is usually harmful to oils. This is the first plus! The cap of the bottle is equipped with a convenient pipette, which is easy to operate - the next plus. Since the pipet tube is transparent, you can easily assess the color and quality of this oil - it is clear and yellowish. Applying a few drops on the skin, you can feel its light consistency. It runs a little, but absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. The oil has a peculiar, but pleasant, fresh smell. Although the popular rosemary is listed as the first ingredient on the label, I feel that the bouquet is influenced by other ingredients - amla (Indian gooseberry) and the presence of neem tree oil, which has earned the designations of village apothecary and tree of life. These names were unfamiliar to me, so I was interested to look up what they were on the Internet.

The label recommends using this oil to promote hair growth by massaging it into the scalp an hour before washing. That's what I did. The instructions recommend doing it once a week. A hair growth-promoting effect is promised even after three months of use. Therefore, it is still too early to judge the real effect, but I hope that there will be both the promised increase in the number of hairs and hair density!

Since the product contains 14 ingredients and one of them is coconut oil, which gives hair shine, I also use it a little after washing my hair to lubricate the ends of my hair. It is nice that the oil is not sticky, but naturally absorbs quickly. Hair seems to become more lively and easier to comb. It should be mentioned that the palms also feel the pleasant effect of the oil after the hair care procedure!

Summer continues, the MARUSHA Hair oil test has also started! Thank you for this opportunity!

 Catherine, 34 years old

The Hair oil is in a dark glass bottle, the label is dominated by a green tone, which creates an association with the naturalness of the product, medicinal plants used in its composition. The use is convenient, the oil has a pipette, with the help of which it is very easy to drop it on the palm in exactly the required amount. The application process itself must be planned in advance - the oil must be massaged into the scalp, hair and ends of the hair and then kept like this for at least one hour. I must admit that I am not a fan of such procedures, but I wanted to understand what the effect would be, so I happily passed. The instructions mention that 8-10 drops of oil are needed for one use. Since I have long hair, I usually ended up using about 12 drops. The sensations after massaging the oil are neutral, there were no unpleasant sensations, stinging, itching - in general, one hour passed quickly. After an hour, the oil should be washed out of the hair using shampoo and conditioner. I was worried that the product would not wash off easily, and the hair would feel greasy afterwards, but everything was fine - the hair was clean and fresh. In general, immediately - after the first wash - there was a noticeable effect. Hair seemed softer, more flexible, easier to comb and did not tangle during the day. It was definitely not that dry anymore. I used the product a total of 3 more times, and the condition of my hair has clearly improved - the effect is even very visible. This will definitely be a product I keep coming back to - great for the summer season and all year round! Thanks for giving me a try!

Eliza, 30 years old

I started using MARUSHA Hair oil on holidays, so that it happens once a week, as suggested. The aroma was unique, refreshing, and above all, natural. I put drops of oil on my palms and massaged them well into the skin of my head, I got such a pleasant massage, which is very beneficial because it activates blood circulation. After that, I applied the oil to the damaged ends of the hair. I ended up using more than 10 drops of oil. The scent lingered but wasn't overpowering and bothersome. I was pleasantly surprised that the consistency of the oil is light, it was not too greasy, as I had imagined. I kept the oil for an hour and then washed my hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. MARUSHA hair oil washed off very well and the hair did not remain greasy. After washing, the hair became softer, smoother, easy to comb. The scalp no longer itched, there was such a pleasant, soothing and clean feeling. After that, I blow-dried and styled my hair as usual.

After just a few times of using the oil, the hair looked smoother, nourished and moisturized. MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem hair oil was used five times. The use turned out to be simple and convenient and I was pleased with the results. The hair is no longer dry, it has become healthier, shinier and more beautiful. It is possible that this time we will still have to cut the finned ends of the hair, but the improvements are significant. I noticed that there is less hair loss after washing. The scalp is no longer so dry and no longer itchy, and dandruff has noticeably reduced.

I will definitely continue to use MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem hair oil, because I am convinced of its effectiveness. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity

Lana, 35 years old

I have long hair but always want it longer, which was the main reason I wanted to try the product. The second most important thing is that I have been coloring my hair for about 20 years and every year it is getting drier, so I always try to use oils both for protection and nourishment.

The volume of the MARUSHA Hair oil is very convenient, small, compact and it also comes with a pipette dispenser. I use the product before every hair wash, rub it into my scalp, put on a towel and walk around the house for an hour doing other things. The smell is pleasant but very intense, something like mint with herbs. You can feel something like garlic, which can be washed off your hands after several times. The garlic-like smell does not remain after washing my hair (I washed my hair twice with shampoo).

 In total, I used the oil five times. The instructions say to use 8-10 drops, but I had the feeling that it was too little, so I used 3 times more at first, which made my hair greasy faster. In the end, I used 10 drops all over my head, I couldn't feel the oil itself, but I hope it worked. My hair didn't get so greasy anymore.

What I noticed was that the hair on the scalp became much easier to comb. In total, hair grew by 1.5 cm during use, which is 0.5 cm more than usual. One more thing - I tried the product on my eyebrows, putting one drop on my fingers and rubbing carefully so that the product does not get into the eyes. I was pleasantly surprised that my eyebrows grew back thicker and the hairs looked healthier. I will definitely continue to use this product on my eyebrows.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to try the product!

Kitia, 33 years old

The main reason why I wanted to try MARUSHA Hair oil is that my hair is falling out more. After a few days, the hair brush is already full of hair. I also see that a lot of hair falls out when washing. That's why I have started taking care of my hair more intensively, I use expensive shampoo and conditioner, and MARUSHA Hair oil came just in time.

At first, I was worried if it would be easy to rinse the oil out of my hair, because the oils I had previously used, which had to be massaged into my scalp before washing, were quite difficult to wash out of my hair. They were also a bit oily at the roots. This was not the case with MARUSHA oil - it was surprisingly easy to rinse off the oil. I also liked its mild herbal aroma. There was no discomfort during use, I used it according to the instructions, once a week before washing my hair, leaving the oil on for an hour. It was most convenient to do it on holidays. The first time I managed to use more than 10 drops, but the other times I tried to fit in the ten drops recommended by the manufacturer. In total, the oil was enough for me about five times, but since I really liked the effect, I have already bought another bottle and continue to use it. After 3 uses of MARUSHA Hair oil, I have noticed that the amount of hair falling out has decreased significantly. I also really like how soft, silky and shiny hair remains after using this oil and washing it. There is a significant difference compared to not using this oil. The ends of the hair are also less frizzy and look healthier than before. I am very happy with this experience, thank you very much for the opportunity to try it!


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