Test results: MARUSHA Shaving soap for dry skin

We are republishing an article from the Medicine.lv portal about the test results and reviews of the brand MARUSHA Shaving soap with panthenol for dry skin.

In June, Medicine.lv in cooperation with SIA "Eurobaltik" brand "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic" offered to test shaving soap with panthenol, cocoa butter and vitamin E for dry skin.

Reviews - Brand MARUSHA Shaving soap for dry skin

Mairis, 26 years old

Shaving always makes me uncomfortable and quite unpleasant. The skin is very sensitive and when shaving it seems to tear and is very painful. Therefore, now and then I choose even better not to shave. I have tried many shave products that are advertised. And they are mostly all the same - they feel good when whipped on the skin, but afterwards the skin remains so dry and sensitive that even a thick layer of cream can't save it. Therefore, I wanted to try "Marusha" shaving soap for dry skin with high hopes.

I was attracted by the panthenol in the composition, which gave me hope that the shaving process would not be so traumatic. It also contains cocoa butter and E vitamins. The soap has a fresh minty scent and stays gooey and slippery when kept under running water. No lather is formed, but the areas on the skin that the soap runs over remain more slippery. The blade also went through the hair very easily and the process itself was really very simple and pleasant. After shaving, the skin remained moist, as if with a protective layer on top, so no additional cream was needed. After that, I dried the soap on the same paper, wrapped it back up and put it in the box until the next time.

Overall a very good product. I definitely recommend it to those with sensitive and dry skin.

Thank you!

Madara, 30 gadi

I was very interested in the opportunity offered by medicine.lv to try shaving soap from the brand "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic", which is created in Latvia and is new to me. I immediately applied for testing and I am glad that I managed to get the product. I wanted to try MARUSHA shaving soap to improve the shaving process and to make the skin soft and healthy after shaving. I have dry skin on my feet and hands. It was usually irritated during the shaving process and got an unpleasant scratch. Before shaving, I use shower gel on my wet skin and after shaving I also apply some moisturizing cream. After reading the description of MARUSHA shaving soap, I realized that this product will be very comfortable and will nourish and moisturize the skin.

The shaving soap came in a tasteful paper box and looked like a neat little cheese roll. At first I was surprised that they are so small, but then I realized that they are very comfortable to use. And the positive thing is that after a month of use, they hardly decreased at all, so it will last for a longer time.

The smell of the soap is very pleasant, refreshing, with a noticeable aroma of mint and tea tree. And the smell is harmonious, not obtrusive.

I ended up using shaving soap once a week. As suggested, I kept the shaving soap under warm running water until it warmed up and became slippery. Then I applied them to the moistened skin until the entire area to be shaved was covered with a thin layer of soap. The soap did not lather, but only created the necessary protective layer.

The shaving process is really very convenient and easy! Thanks to the soap, the razor glided very well and never got scratched like it had before. Thanks to the panthenol and cocoa butter in the shaving soap, the skin of the legs and hands after shaving was moisturized, nourished, soft and protected against scratches and redness caused by the shaving process. And there was no need to use cream afterwards. After shaving, the soap dries very quickly, I keep it on a soap dish.

I am very satisfied with the results. We must admit that MARUSHA shaving soap is a great discovery! I definitely recommend trying it!

Thanks to "MARUSHA Nord Ecosmetic" for the wonderful shaving soap!

Alice, 32 years old

Shaving in the summer has always worried me. Since skirts and shorts are worn more often, it's important to keep the skin on my legs smooth and beautiful, but I always get sore after shaving. After a while, many small and red bumps appear, which I always try to mask with a moisturizing foundation cream - it improves the appearance a little, but unfortunately it does not hide the completely irritated skin. I have tried using expensive shaving foam, expensive razors, but the result is always the same - visibly irritated and sometimes scaly skin. That's why I'm trying to look for different new shaving solutions and when I saw an offer to test MARUSHA shaving soap, I was interested and signed up for the test.

Surprised how small the soap is. I think that they will not be enough for a long time. I also expected them to foam, but they didn't. It was quite difficult to apply them to the skin. But then I read the description more carefully and realized how important it is to keep the soap under warm water - then it becomes softer and more slippery and, when applied to the moistened skin, covers it with a kind of protective layer. Their compact size is also a big advantage - they fit very comfortably in the palm and do not slip out of it. After using it several times, I realized that despite the small size of the soap, it doesn't wear out that quickly. They hadn't shrunk in size at all, which means they last longer than first thought.

I am also pleasantly surprised by the shaving process. Shaving was really much easier. The razor glided easily over the skin and freed it of ingrown hairs, without injuring the skin at all, as it was before - even using expensive razors and foams. The effect was felt even after shaving - the skin was noticeably smoother and softer, and you could feel how well it was moisturized. Even though there was no irritation, I smeared the skin with aloe vera gel to be safe. I absolutely love how my legs look and feel after shaving with MARUSHA Shaving Soap!

Thank you!

Arnis, 37 years old

I wanted to try shaving soap MARUSHA for use on the skin of the face. Since it is the most visible part of the body, it is of course important that the shaving effect is of the highest quality and gentle.

I really like that the soap is small - it makes the shaving process much more comfortable, because the soap fits well in the hand. When kept under blue water for a few seconds, the soap becomes softer and more slippery, so spreading it on the face was very basic. Love the refreshing minty smell. The soap does not lather, but covers the skin with such a white layer that I thoroughly massaged into the skin of my face for a minute, so that it is better absorbed and moisturizes, softens the skin. Then I shaved the ingrown hairs. Compared to previously used shaving products, the shaving process was significantly easier and faster, and also more pleasant, as there was no stinging sensation on the skin. After shaving, the skin of the face looked good, it was not damaged in any place, as it often happened. I shave about twice a week and after a month the soap had not decreased in size much - it is enough for a longer time.

My wife also tried this soap and was delighted with the effect, so she bought it separately for herself.

We are very pleased to have tried this product, it meets all our requirements. Thank you! We also recommend others to try it!

Kate, 25 years old

I wanted to try MARUSHA shaving soap because I have a pretty bad experience with shaving my leg hair. In autumn and winter, the skin of the legs feels and looks better than in the summer for some reason, even though in the summer it gets to breathe more because long pants are not worn. In summer, the skin of the legs usually gets inflamed after shaving. Especially when the hairs start to grow back, then small red bumps appear, sometimes even with pus, the hairs grow back. I tried different shaving products - no improvement. I use moisturizing creams after shaving, but I haven't expected great results either. The result after shaving is much less satisfactory only if I slide the razor very slowly over the skin so as not to injure it anywhere, but it takes time. I hoped that maybe MARUSHA shaving soap would turn out to be better. After reading the composition, the expectations were really high, because there is a very good combination - panthenol,

I tried the soap on the first day I received it. First of all, I really liked their mild minty scent. They are also very practical - you can use them both at home and take them with you when traveling by plane, you don't have to think about the restrictions that apply to liquids. They are also very small, so they take up very little space in your bag.

I warmed the soap under hot water and rubbed it into the skin of my legs. They really made the razor glide over the skin easier, as promised in the description! The shaving process was pleasant and quick. I was most looking forward to the effect after shaving. And that made me very happy. No shaving product has made the skin of my legs so soft and velvety, pleasant to the touch. Also, there was no need to apply any cream like I usually do to avoid inflammation. I watch the skin of my legs carefully on the first and second day - and it doesn't get inflamed! After a month of using MARUSHA shaving soap, the old scars from previous shavings had also reduced considerably and the condition of the skin had improved. I am very happy with this discovery. The only thing missing was for the soap to be packed in a water-resistant container - then it would be even more convenient to use it.

Thank you!

Guntra, 33 years old

Always after shaving, the skin on my legs became drier and redder, and it also got a little sore when I put some cream on top. I have not yet found the only remedy that would allow me to avoid or at least reduce these problems, so I was approached by the offer to try MARUSHA shaving soap.

When I received the soap, I was surprised that it was in such a miniature box. I thought - how long will these be enough? However, after using it a couple of times, I realized that it doesn't wear off as quickly as normal hand soap. This soap does not lather at all. When kept under warm water, they become a little softer and more slippery, so you can easily apply the skin by covering it with a thin layer of white soap. When my legs were soaped, I waited for about 2 minutes and then started the shaving process. Thanks to the soap, the hairs had become softer, the skin - smoother, as a result of which the razor completed its task without snagging, easier and faster. There was no irritation after shaving, the skin was pleasantly smooth and velvety, and it smelled lovely of mint. I didn't even need to apply a moisturizing cream to my skin, because the soap even after rinsing it off seems to

I've been using the soap for about a month and a half, once or twice a week, and it hasn't run out yet. I looked at the price on the internet and realized that it was very reasonable, considering that the soap is good for longer use, so I already bought another package and I think I will stop my choice on this product for a while, because it has reduced my skin problems described above after shaving. Thank you!

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