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The gorgeous meadows and mushroom forests of Latvia, where she spent her childhood, served as the basis for Marita Āboltiņa to develop the natural cosmetics brand MARUSHA in 2021, writes the portal "". 

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After the birth of her third child, her body asked for the power of nature, so she started studying natural cosmetics and in parallel created products, including natural treasures of Latvia collected by her own hands. This is how the products of the MARUSHA brand and its values ​​- health and environmentally friendly cosmetics - were slowly born.

Brand products can be purchased in the e-store, as well as at various markets and fairs. We also make private deliveries to our customers and offer delivery of products by couriers outside the borders of Latvia. Negotiations are currently underway for cooperation with local retail stores.

The product range of the MARUSHA brand includes cosmetics for strengthening and nourishing hair, skin-nourishing hard lotions, as well as skin-softening natural soaps with Latvian herbs. The range of products is continuously updated with new products.


Shampoos and conditioners with Latvian juniper, nettle and chamomile

The brand's solid shampoos and conditioners contain a range of vitamins that strengthen hair roots and promote hair growth. They contain various Latvian plants - juniper and juniper macerate (made by the brand owner herself), nettle, chamomile, etc., as well as natural oils, butters, extracts, proteins and lemongrass essential oil. In addition, silk is also added to conditioners. The products nourish and strengthen the hair roots, give the hair a healthy shine and volume, as well as lather and wash well. There are 2 types of hard shampoos on offer – shampoo for light and gray hair, shampoo for dark and red hair. If the hair is not dyed, then any of them can be used. The conditioner is intended for all hair types. If the ends of the hair are dry and split, then the conditioner also serves as a nourishing mask and it remains to be applied to the ends of the hair in a thicker layer. After rinsing, the hair ends will look healthy and beautiful. Shampoos and conditioners are suitable for daily hair care, especially for damaged, frequently dyed, thin, fragile hair. They are convenient for travel and hiking.


Natural soap with Latvian honey and sweet orange

We offer a wide range of natural soaps. Each soap contains herbs that add an interesting color to the soap, as well as natural essential oils. Among them, everyone will find the one they like the most and the one they need for a specific occasion. Latvian honey, sea buckthorn and carrot juices, juniper, nettle, and rose petals collected in the own garden are added to the soap. It is available with different essential oils - juniper, sweet orange, lemongrass, lavender and tea tree. All soaps are infused with natural oils and butters (shea and cocoa butter) that moisturize and soften the skin. When you buy multiple soaps, they come in a beautiful box.


Body lotions and serums with plant macerates

Dry and chapped skin will be helped by our solid body lotion and lip balm. Calendula macerate, carrot oil and vitamin E are added to them. The solid body lotions are available in a beautiful heart shape and with two types of essential oils - lavender and geranium. These lotions are loved by all generations, from children to seniors, because they are visually appealing and suitable for all-over application.


Household soap with mint

We have also created household soaps that are harmless to nature and health, which are suitable for everything - for washing dishes, polishing, caring for tables and other surfaces, washing sinks, etc. You can also wash clothes with them, because they perfectly remove stains and dirt. It is a natural soap and contains only one main ingredient - coconut oil. Therefore, gloves are not required for their use. Added fresh peppermint essential oil.


New - linen accessories

We have expanded our assortment with natural linen accessories - linen shower gloves and a linen face massage cloth. They are crocheted by Latvian seniors by hand. They do this work with the greatest pleasure, because they feel great satisfaction from the fact that they can make their contribution and also earn money at their age. The work is not easy to crochet such an even pattern, but the result obtained afterwards pleases everyone.


Work on creating new products does not stop

We plan to expand the assortment with face serums and body oils, which will contain plant macerates. The body oil will be a dry type of oil that absorbs quickly and softens the skin, so it will be especially suitable after sunbathing. We will also offer natural products for young people with oily skin and acne, as well as for men.


Marusha products - careful and sincere handwork

Each of our products is 100% handmade. The company uses high-quality, certified raw materials, as well as local plants and plant macerates in its products, thus ensuring high quality products. Its operation is based on family values, openness and simplicity. There is nothing superfluous in cosmetics. Each component has a positive effect and does not harm humans and the diversity of nature. In addition, simple, minimal and environmentally friendly packaging is chosen for the products - glass, cardboard, aluminum, which is at the same time practical and attractive to its user. Our activity is based on the slogan “Each of us is a special and beautiful miracle of nature. And so are our products".


The publication was made in cooperation with the natural cosmetics brand "Marusha"

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