Olive oil for hair

The in vivo and in vitro studies conducted in 2022 confirm that olive oil has many good properties for hair care. 

Therefore, it acts as a natural substitute for many conventional raw materials, such as silicone, which are added to hair care products to improve the appearance and structure of the hair. 

Olive oil protects hair from damage, environmental pollution, strengthens and nourishes, gives it shine, and also helps prevent split ends. Below is a brief summary of the benefits of Olive Oil.

Olive oil:

- nourish, moisturize, prevents frizzy hair

- give shine (silicone substitute) and silky hair

- prevent hair from negative effect of sunlight, pollution and chemical procedures

- strengthen, soften, prevents hair breakage and damage

- improve appearance of hair and scalp.

Olive oil is added to all MARUSHA hair care products :

- solid shampoo bars, 

- solid conditioner bars

- MARUSHA Hair growth and scalp treatment oil. 

Therefore, hair after use of MARUSHA hair care products is soft, shiny, healthy and beautiful. MARUSHA nourishing natural products stimulate hair growth and regrowth, nourish and moisturize dry, damaged hair and dry scalp.

Olive oil acts as a powerful ally in promoting hair health thanks to its nourishing properties. Olive oil is naturally rich in oleic acid and squalene, which have emollient properties. When applied to the hair, olive oil helps smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, resulting in a shinier and smoother appearance.

Its moisturizing properties are especially beneficial for dry and damaged hair. Olive oil penetrates the hair shaft and retains moisture, preventing hair dryness and brittleness. It is especially useful for treating split ends, giving them a healthier look.

In addition, olive oil is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E and polyphenols. These antioxidants help protect the hair and scalp from oxidative stress and environmental damage such as pollution, UV rays and harsh chemical treatments. It reduces breakage and hair loss due to damage.

Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil may also be helpful. Olive oil can soothe the scalp, reducing irritation and dandruff, which promotes overall hair health. Its soothing effect promotes a healthier scalp environment that promotes hair growth.

Basically, regular use of hair care products that contain olive oil or olive oil itself can help keep your hair not only vibrant and shiny, but also strong and well-nourished from root to tip.

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