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Latvian natural cosmetics brand MARUSHA has developed a natural and clinically proven product for hair growth, regrowth promotion and dry scalp care.

Nourishing and moisturizing your hair and scalp is one of the most important steps to prevent hairs from damage and breakage.

For healthy hair and hair roots, take care of moisturizing the scalp, because the scalp is one of the reasons for dandruff, itching and discomfort. Without preventing the above mentioned negative effects, hair can become brittle, thin and even start to fall out.

Once a week, apply a light, nourishing and natural hair oil or mask to the hair and scalp, thus protecting the hair and scalp from drying out and using natural lubrication. As you know, conventional hair shampoos contain chemicals that wash away the natural lipids of the hair and scalp, causing the hair and scalp to become dry and prone to damage. For these reasons, the hair and scalp need to nourish with natural oils - natural, plant-based oils which are similar to our skin's lipids.

Hair healing nourishing oil - mixture - against hair loss

The Latvian brand MARUSHA has developed a natural and clinically proven, safe product for hair and scalp care. MARUSHA's abundant and natural hair and scalp care formula - MARUSHA Hair nourishing treatment oil with Rosemary, Neem and Amla (mixture of 14 plant oils and macerates) - is a universal daily remedy that quickly and effectively helps prevent hair and scalp problems - hair loss, dry and split hair, dry scalp, dandruff, thin and damaged hair, etc.

Hair growth treatment oil with Rosemary

MARUSHA Hair and scalp treatment product (hair oil, serum) is 100% natural and safe for dry, sensitive skin. It is clinically proven in vivo studies. MARUSHA natural care product is easy and convenient to use and used regularly, the effect is achieved quickly.

MARUSHA Hair and scalp treatment oil - how to use it 

MARUSHA hair nourishing oil mixture can be used in different ways - it can be applied to the scalp directly and massaged, as well as on the hair and hair ends. Keep this remedy for at least 1 hour and then wash it off with natural shampoo.

As a preventive measure, it can be applied 1 drop at a time to areas of the scalp where there is increased dryness (itching, dandruff, etc.) and where the hair is thinning (where hair growth or regrowth should be stimulated more intensively). To keep the scalp and hair always nourished, healthy and shiny, use this natural remedy, which has already been evaluated and proven with positive results.

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