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Face Mask with MATCHA & Vitamin C

Face Mask with MATCHA & Vitamin C

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.MARUSHA Face mask with Matcha Green tea, vitamin C, jogurt and natural clays.

Natural Face mask gently cleanses, softens, moisturizes, restores facial skin, smooths fine wrinkles, reduces signs of skin aging.

100% natural face mask, suitable for all skin types. Especially suitable for dull, dry, tired skin. 

Vitamin C provides collagen synthesis and improves skin elasticity.

Studies have shown that the amount of vitamin C is reduced in prematurely aged skin, therefore face mask with vitamin C prevents visual signs of skin aging.

MATCHA green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and protects the skin from photoaging. Antioxidant present in MATCHA can prevent deterioration of cells in the skin and thus slow down aging of the skin.

MATCHA has ability to neutralize free radicals from sun's UV radiation and other pollutants and disrupt the free radical chain before they cause damage to the skin. It also helps reduce and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

French green clay has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help calm redness, irritation, and inflammation caused by acne, eczema, or psoriasis. Additionally, French green clay is known to aid in healing minor wounds and blemishes, promoting faster recovery and reducing the risk of scarring.

The coconut milk powder soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Natural clays gently absorbs fat and dirt, soothes the skin and nourishes skin with natural minerals.

Testimonials from our customers:

"I use the mask twice a week. It is perfect for my dry skin, making it soft and moisturized. I apply it to the skin of my face and neck, avoiding the eye area. The mask dries quickly and is easy to wash off. After several weeks of use, I noticed that my small face , forehead wrinkles smoothed out and became less prominent, skin became lighter, more even in tone, less red areas. The mask really helped to reduce dryness and improve the texture of my skin. The product is a good addition to the skincare shelf and really effective, I appreciate its natural composition with MATCHA tea, vitamin C and other cool natural ingredients - clay, rice, coconut, tapioca, yogurt.I am happy with the results of this mask and will continue to use this face mask in my daily beauty routine as my skin feels clean, refreshed and hydrated after using the mask. " / Raffia

"I kept the mask on for 10 minutes, until it set a bit, and then I rinsed it off. The skin became so soft and smooth that I wanted to touch it all the time. It was nourished and softened. A wonderful feeling! Considering that the mask contains both coconut milk powder, and vitamin C, it's no wonder that the skin started to look radiant and really enriched with valuable vitamins after regular use of the mask. I recommend this MARUSHA purifying anti-wrinkle face mask for the care and renewal of dry and winter-tired facial skin!" / Sanita

"Already after the first time, I felt improvements, the skin on my face became softer, well moisturized, nourished and more radiant, there was a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. I didn't use face cream after the mask, because I felt that my face could rest overnight. I used the face mask in the evenings twice a week for two weeks, then once a week was enough, usually on holidays. After a month, I can tell the improvement. I think the results are very good. My face is no longer dry, because it was well moisturized, nourished and cleansed during the use of the mask . The pink spots are no longer prominent and the complexion is more even and healthy. The pigmentation spots have become perhaps a little lighter. The skin has become smoother and the fine lines are no longer so pronounced." / Marite

Usage: mix 1 teaspoon of face mask with 1 teaspoon of water. Apply it on the facial skin, keep it for 5-10 minutes and wash off with water.

Ingredients: MATCHA green tea, vitamin C, white clay, green clay, coconut milk powder, jogurt, rice powder, tapioca starch

Video: How to use MARUSHA Matcha Face Mask.

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