"Marusha" natural soaps in a wide assortment

The brand "Marusha" offers a wide range of natural soaps - they nourish and soften the skin, as they are made with shea butter and cocoa butter.

Each MARUSHA soap has a special composition - nettle or juniper collected in Latvia is added to one, country honey or local berry and vegetable juices to another. Each soap has its own color from the added herbs and scent from natural essential oils. 

Thanks to the rich and natural composition, our soap can be used for washing the face, hands, and the whole body. They richly nourish, soften and restore the skin, which can be felt already after the first use.

Marusha soap is made using cold production technology. Their special composition gently washes the skin without irritating or drying it. Natural butters and vegetable oils moisturize and nourish the skin, restore skin comfort and do not destroy the skin's natural protective layer. 

Synthetic dyes, fragrances and ready-made soap masses are not added to the soap. The wide assortment of soaps gives you the opportunity to find the soap that best suits your needs and wishes. The soap is beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly and beautiful package, making it a great gift. 

Marusha natural soaps are available with different compositions and with a wide variety of colors and scents:
- Carrot soap with sweet orange
- Sea buckthorn soap with sweet orange
- Juniper soap with Spirulina
- Tea tree, lavender and activated charcoal soap
- Peppermint soap
- Coffee soap, etc.

The soap is handmade, containing Latvian raw materials. Natural soap is a great representative gift from Latvian nature - forests and meadows, with nature's sharp and soft touch and flavour. Get to know Marusha's wide range of soaps .

Marusha dabīgās ziepes

MARUSHA natural soaps are packaged in a beautiful eco-cardboard small boxes.

Marusha dabīgās ziepes

We care about nature, therefore each soap is packaged in an environmentally friendly package, which helps to maintain its natural properties - smell, color and beautiful shape.

Dabīgās eko īstās ziepes ar smiltsērkšķi un saldo apelsīnu

Buy our natural soaps and your body will fall in love. Our store HERE.

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