How to regrowth hairs with MARUSHA Hair Oil

When buying hair oil, the question often arises - how to properly apply it to the hair and scalp.

We would like to share our client Diana's method of using hair oil because Diana managed to regrow her hair in 3 months using MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem Hair Oil.

Marusha Hair growth scalp treatment anti dandruff oil

Diana has curly and high porosity hair. For several years, Diana struggled with dry and brittle hair, so it was impossible to regrow it. Then she bought MARUSHA Rosemary and Neem Hair Oil and used it regularly; after 2.5 months, new hairs were already visible, and the existing hairs were nourished and stopped breaking.

Diana says:

"I have an oily scalp, so I use MARUSHA Hair Oil only before washing so that the scalp does not get greasy. I use the Hair Oil about once a week.

I moisten my hair a little (with a sprayer), divide my hair into sections, drip oil along the entire area, and massage it into the scalp with the pads of my fingers. It is necessary to massage with both hands and in such a way that the skin of the scalp moves because, in this way, blood circulation is promoted. Then I gather my hair and leave the oil on for 30 minutes. For a couple of hours, then wash it off.

For the oil to be well washed out of the hair, I recommend washing twice and using a shampoo brush because, as I said, I have curly hair and therefore apply the shampoo twice. The first wash removes styling products, and the second is like a regular wash. I wash my hair with SLS-free shampoos because they are gentler. To see the results, I applied hair oils regularly, and positive results were already after a couple of months."

MARUSHA Hair oil with Rosemary - Customer experience

Photo: Customer Diana's successful hair regrowth story

Thank you, Diana, for sharing the photo and your fantastic experience!

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